VTech Landline Phones

Did you know that in 2002, VTech was the first in the US market to launch a new generation of 5.8 GHz cordless telephones? (source) Get ready to discover colorful devices like this yellow VTech rugged waterproof cordless phone with Bluetooth or a blue / red VTech cordless phone, perfect for your home!

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Almost 50 years of cordless success

Did you know the company was originally named ‘Video Technology Limited’ because of its first product, a home video game console? VTech received the ‘Vendor of the Year 2018‘ award and ‘Toy Supplier of the Year‘ award from Target and Walmart in the US. In 2022, it reported record revenue for its ELPs business, surpassing US$1 billion in sales! (Source).

(Image Source: Vtech)

¿What can you expect of your VTech landline phone?

VTech house phones feature DECT technology. While this technology is common in the landline phone market, VTech stands out for its exceptional implementation, offering superior sound quality, extended range, and interference-free communication compared to competitors. Additionally, a distinctive advantage of VTech landline phones is their proprietary HD Audio technology. Integrated into many models, HD Audio ensures crystal-clear sound for both incoming and outgoing calls.

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The newest one

VTech LS6381-2 DECT 6.0

2 Handset Connect to Cell™ Answering System with Bluetooth Speaker

VTech LS6381-2_landline phone web_

Available options:

  • 1 Handset + Bluetooth Speaker
  • 2 Handsets + Bluetooth Speaker

(Image Source: VTech)

VTech LS6381-2 is the 2-Handset option, but honestly, the option with just 1 Handset (LS6381) would provide a very similar experience. Why? Because with this Bluetooth speaker, you want to be beside this phone, listening to music and paying attention to your calls. I guess this awesome landline is specially designed for people who work at home. You can use this speaker for music, calls and meetings. Who can do all those things at home in a daily basis? Yeah, I need to work at home to try this device, man.

And there’s more because you can make and receive calls form your cellular plan while working at home. You can pair and connect up to 2 cellphones and even you can also enable access to Siri, Voice and Google Now.

This device has a lot of features, such as smart blocking technology for blocking up to 1,000 name and numbers, intercom, conference between an outside line and up to 4 cordless handsets, quiet mode, last 10 number redial, voicemail waiting indicator, quick access key for voicemail box, remote access, volume control… Oh my, there are a lot. Definitely, this device is designed for someone who knows what somebody wants when they are working at home. And frankly, If I’m going to buy a nice device, I prefer something that looks as cool and musical as this. And the price is cool too. Congrats, VTech. Check the price here.

▷ Bluetooth Speaker to listen music from your smartphone or as conference speaker phone
▷ Premium Audio Performance – hi-fidelity speaker with echo cancellation and noise reduction
▷ Connect to Cell™ – Make and receive calls from your cellular plan
▷ Smart Call Blocker
▷ Digital Answering System – Up to 22 minutes of recording time
▷ White backlit display
▷ Full Duplex Handset and Base Speakerphone
I know you want to know EVERYTHING about this new device VTech LS6381-2. We are covered:
🔍 Quick Start Guide and 🔍 LS6381-2 Instruction Manual.
To know about its features: 🔍 Smart Call Blocking Guide and 🔍 Bluetooth Guide
The best sellers

VTech VG208 DECT 6.0

Cordless telephone with a powerful long range ideal for outdoor uses

Landline Phone VTech VG208

Available options:

  • 1 Handset
  • 2 Handsets

(Image Source: VTech)

This VTech VG208 is a great combo for its price, especially because is exclusive for Amazon. In landlines matters, I prefer the combos, because you always has the certainty that always there is a phone in the same place of your home. And you can move freely with your handset wherever you want, for example your backyard. It counts with DECT 6.0 technology and this will give you a reliable long range of 1,000 feet outdoor, ensuring great quality sound and stable operation.

It has Answering Machine easily accessible from the base unit, your handset and remotely. And regarding this, it gives you 22 minutes of incoming messages.

Available exclusively at Amazon. Check the price now.

▷ Caller ID/Call waiting – stores 30 calls
▷ 50 name and number phonebook directory
▷ Last 10 number redial
▷ Intercom between handsets
▷ Line-Power Mode during an outage
▷ Compatible with VTech IS6200 DECT 6.0 cordless headset
VTech IS6200 DECT 6.0 cordless headset

The VTech VG208 is compatible with this cordless headset VTech IS6200 that allows you to move in a 500-feet range. It brings with a secure magnetic charging cradle and a Caller ID Announce with dual color indicator. Siri, S Voice and Google Now access. Check the price here.

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VTech VG104 DECT 6.0

Cordless phone with answering machine, caller ID and Bluetooth

VTech VG104 cordless phone

Available options:

  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID + Answering Machine
  • Caller ID + Bluetooth
  • Caller ID with 2 handset
  • Caller ID + Bluetooth with 2 Handset
  • Colors: White / Black

(Image Source: VTech)

Speaking about this VTech VG104… Did you know that DECT 6.0 technology is an interference-free technology that provides superior voice and sound quality and higher protection against eavesdropping than 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz phone systems? You will find this in all VTech phones.

But anyway, I like this device and if you don’t need the answering machine, the price decrease substantially with the Model VG101, offering just caller ID and Bluetooth features. Personally, I like the answering machine. Why? Because when you create the routine of checking out the messages and the people know it, your cellphone leash starts to be longer. This reason is crucial if your are looking for a nice answering machine for your work, giving you up 14 minutes of recording time. And you know that that message counter looks great!

The handset displays name, number, time and date of incoming calls and you will count with call waiting and a 30 name and number phonebook to store your most frequently called numbers. There are others features like call screening, call intercept, remote access, mute mode, volume control or last 5 number redial. For me, one of the best features is that the entire keypad illuminates along with the LCD screen, allowing for easier viewing in dim light. This would be great if you like your phone in your bedside table.

Come on, you will have trilingual prompts, chosing between English, Spanish and French. So, voilá, don’t think twice. This model is available exclusively at Amazon: Check the price now.

▷ Digital Answering System▷ White lighted display and backlit keypad
▷ Full Duplex Speakerphone▷ Easy-to-Use wall mount capability
▷ Caller ID/call waiting—stores 30 call▷ 30 name and number phonebook
To know more about the VTech VG104 DECT 6.0 download the user manual here 🔍

VTech DS6161w DECT 6.0

Cordless landline phone, waterproof handset and Bluetooth connectivity

Waterproof handset – IP67

Floatable handset – The handset floats on water and doesn’t sink to the bottom.

(Image Source: VTech)

Let’s talk about the VTech DS6161 because I didn’t see others like this device. The IP67 covers water immersion up to 1 meter (3 ft 3 in) depth and a complete protection against dust (source). Think about it. If you are looking for a strong partner in dusty or rainy environments, this is your coworker. But, even if you don’t have to receive calls in a rainy or wet environment, this landline phone looks great and is perfect for a safe conversation in your bubble bath at home. And seriously, it’s perfect for any outdoor activity, for your backyard while you’re watering the plants, or in your pool, making and receiving calls… Definitely, I think this is the best option for family summer, splashes, spills and kids around.

Additional to this, the DS6161 brings a lot of features, such as Connect to Cell technology to connect your cellphone, quiet mode, mute, power conserving technology, Caller ID/call waiting—50 name and number caller ID history, Volume control, and last 10 number redial among others.

More? Well, when you need to go handsfree during a call, talk on the handset’s full-duplex speakerphone. and you will never forget a number with the downloadable phonebook directory. You can access up to 1,000 cell phone contacts right on the handset. So, let’s check the price now.

Make and receive landline and cellular calls: Connect your home phone system to Bluetooth®-enabled cell phones for easy and comfortable calling.
Mobile notifications: Get notified on your Android mobile phone for texts, emails, or social media updates. Each handset beeps and shows the type of message received, and you can also get calendar reminders through the system.
Connect to Cell™: Keep your cell phone safe in tough conditions by connecting it to this strong phone! You can link the DS6161 base to two cell phones at once and use the rugged handset to make or take calls.
Protect your cell phone: Don’t risk damaging your cell phone when you’re around water, or working in the yard. Reach for the shockproof and waterproof handset to make and receive calls.
Is the VTech DS6161 Waterproof your next home phone? Download the VTech User Manual here.🔍

The best value for money

VTech CS6719-16


Image Source: VTech
VTech CS6719-15 cordless phone

Available options:

  • Red (Model CS6719-16)
  • Blue (Model CS6719-15)
  • Silver – 2 Handsets (Model CS6719-2)

Here is the VTech CS6719-16! Yes, I know you are going to say me: “why are you recommending this phone after tell me marvels about the previous amazing yellow waterproof phone?” Because this colorful and juvenile home phone costs a quarter of the other one and looks great. You heard well. This is an important reason if you are looking for a landline phone with an amazing personality and quality but not spending so much. How many blue or red landline phones have you seen?

Plus ECO mode, mute and any key answer feature, it comes with a indicator on the handset to know about waiting messages. Its entire keypad illuminates along with the LCD screen, so you can use at night. And you will have a full duplex handset speakerphone, using it handsfree or make a conference between an outside line and up to 2 cordless handsets.

Red, blue o silver? For a little more than twenty dollars you can get it. Check the price now!

▷ Caller ID/call waiting – stores 50 calls▷ Intercom between handsets
▷ Last 10 number redial▷ ECO mode
▷ 50 name and number phonebook▷ Voicemail waiting indicator
Start knowing more about the VTech CS6719-16! Download its instruction manual here 🔍
There are folks looking for this:

Super Long Range up to 2300 Feet – 3 Handset Cordless Phone:

VTech IS 8121-3 Super Long Range

VTech IS8121-3_Super Long Range

Expandable up to 5 handsets!

Available options:

  • 1 Handset
  • 2 Handsets
  • 3 Handsets
  • 4 Handsets
  • Accessory Handset for IS8121 Series

(Image Source: VTech)

I believe you’ll love the VTech IS 8121-3 landline phone. It features a nice visual ringer on top of the handset, perfect for louder environments or those with hearing impairments. Not only that, but it’s also expandable to include up to 5 handsets, ensuring everyone on your team is covered.

This cordless system boasts a built-in full-duplex speakerphone on the handset, enabling seamless two-way conversations. Additionally, you can eliminate unwanted calls and overcome cellular dead spots with its smart call blocker functionality. This feature filters out robocalls and prompts callers to identify themselves before your phone rings, empowering you to decide whether to answer. Moreover, you can instantly block nuisance callers from both landline and cell-line by pressing the call block key, adding their numbers to the block list permanently.

Furthermore, with Connect to Cell™ technology, you can manage calls from your cellular plan while enjoying the convenience of a home phone. Pair up to 2 cell phones or one cell phone and one BLUETOOTH headset for use with landline calls. Even if your smartphone is in another room, you can still access Siri or Google Now from the cordless handsets, enabling you to make calls, send texts, and utilize other features seamlessly.

Lastly, the phone’s unique antenna provides enhanced mobility, offering over 2000 feet of range, making it ideal for outdoor use. With coverage extending up to 2,300 feet, you’ll enjoy unparalleled connectivity. Check the price!

▷ Smart Call Blocker▷ 22 minutes of digital recording time
▷ Visual ringer on handset▷ Digital answering system voice guide
▷ Mobile notifications▷ Caller ID/call waiting—50 name and number caller ID history
▷ Virtual multi-line operation▷ Siri, S Voice and Google Now access
Want to know how to use VTech IS 8121-3 Super Long Range in detail? Let’s start knowing about its Smart Call Blocker🔍, check out the Quick Start Guide 🔍 or download the full user manual here 🔍

☎️FAQ – 10 Frequently Asked Questions When Buying an VTech Home Phone:

1. What is DECT technology in VTech phones?

VTech is renowned for its quality, durability, and clear sound in residential phones, making it a reliable choice.

2. What advanced features do VTech phones offer?

VTech phones often include features like answering machines, caller ID, call blocking, and phone directories

Are VTech home phones easy to use?

Yes, VTech focuses on ease of use, with ergonomic designs, backlit displays, and intuitive keypads.

4. Do they offer multi-phone systems for larger homes?

Yes, many VTech models allow system expansion to use multiple phones on the same line.

5. Are VTech home phones secure?

Yes, DECT technology uses encryption to ensure communication privacy.

6. What answering machine options do they have?

VTech models typically offer advanced answering machines with recording and message management capabilities.

7. How does the audio quality compare to other residential phones?

The audio quality of VTech phones is exceptional, with clear and interference-free calls.

Are VTech phones compatible with home security systems?

Yes, many models are compatible with alarm systems connected to the phone line.

How many phones can I connect to a VTech system?

Most VTech systems allow connection of multiple phones, typically up to 5 or more, for added convenience.

10. Do they offer a warranty?

Yes, VTech generally offers a warranty on its products to cover any manufacturing defects.