Motorola Landline Phones

Motorola is one of the big players in the phone field. Here you can find a black home telephone with an ultra-mega long range or if you are lucky, the lost AXH01. Let me know later! Check out our Motorola home landline phones from our Amazon landline telephones selection!

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A success to the Moon

Motorola got its start in the business of car radios, which is actually how the company got its name. But from then, they had time to get the moon. Actually, Apollo astronaut Neil Armstrong’s 1969 message from the Moon was carried over a Motorola-designed transponder (source). Today, Motorola’s landline phones showcase the company’s dedication to innovating in communication technology.

(Image Source: Motorola Solutions)

And If you love Android, your smartphone and new landline will work well together*

Motorola Mobility placed a significant bet on Android in 2008, choosing it as the exclusive operating system for all its smartphone devices (source). So, if your new Motorola landline can sync with Android smartphones, you can expect :

Seamless Integration: Synchronize contacts and data effortlessly between your Android smartphone and Motorola landline phone.
Intuitive User Experience: Enjoy a familiar interface and smooth navigation thanks to the shared Android operating system.
Consistent Features and Functionalities: Benefit from uniform features and settings across both devices for a cohesive user experience.
Convenient Setup and Management: Easily configure and manage settings using your existing Android knowledge and resources.
Enhanced Communication: Seamlessly switch between devices and access important information for improved communication.
Ecosystem Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with the Android ecosystem, including third-party apps and services, for expanded utility.

* The ability to sync depends on the specific features of the landline phone model. Some modern landline phones come with Bluetooth or USB connectivity options, which can allow them to connect with smartphones. This feature is not universal across all models. It’s best to check the specifications of the particular Motorola landline phone model for details about its connectivity options.

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The newest one

Motorola CD5014

High performance audio with hearing aid compatibility and washable keypad

Available options:

  • 1 Handset
  • 2 Handsets
  • 3 Handsets
  • 4 Handsets

(Image Source: Motorola)

Did you know that your telephone is one of the germiest items in your home or workplace? It’s reassuring to learn that this Motorola CD5014 addresses this concern with its washable and easy-to-clean keypad. If you don’t want to share the handset, you can choose the 4-handset set! Well, with this positive feature in mind, let’s delve deeper. The phone offers several noteworthy features, including an illuminated keypad and a large display for easy use. Additionally, it features a rubber rear cover to prevent falls. Moreover, it boasts Hearing Aid Compatibility, amplification via a dedicated key, a ringer volume boost option, call blocking, and up to 30 minutes of digital recording time. Plus, it comes with a red LED indicator for incoming calls. Overall, it’s quite impressive.

▷ 150 name and number phonebook
▷ Easy to read large backlit display
▷ Hands-free speakerphone
▷ Hearing aid compatible
▷ Amplification
▷ Call blocking technology – Block up to 1000 numbers
▷ Direct dial memory keys
▷ Answering Machine with up to 30 minutes digital recording time
▷ Red LED for incoming call indication
▷ crystal display – 1.8” black and white
To learn EVERYTHING about this new device from Motorola CD5 Series, look into the Motorola landline phone manuals here 🔍
The best sellers

Motorola O211

Cordless telephone with a powerful long range ideal for outdoor uses

Register up to 11 handsets!

Available options:

  • 1 Handset
  • 2 Handsets
  • 3 Handsets
  • 4 Handsets

(Image Source: Motorola)

This Motorola O211 from the O2 Series is awesome. I’m not sure if it’s because it resembles a walkie-talkie with a slight military touch, but I really like its ultra-long range of up to 650 meters with a full 360 degrees – that’s 0.4 miles! And it’s not just because I want to walk around my business or home; it’s because I can do it on a rainy day or in a wet environment. This jewel is water-resistant, baby, with an international IP67 certification for dust and water. And that’s not all. It’s submersible up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Honestly, if I were a farmer, constructor, forest ranger or worked in a natural environment, this would be my choice, for sure.

Oh, and this device has other nice features such as a phonebook for 200 names and numbers, it’s wall-mountable, and it gives you up to 25 minutes of recording time. And guess what? Its handset has a 1.8” crystal display that allows for color graphics of 128×160 pixels to set up an analog clock screensaver and different pictures to make each handset unique. And, by the way, If you are not a farmer, constructor or forest ranger, pick it anyway. Check the price!

▷ Large 1.8″ 65K full color display▷ Register up to 11 handsets
▷ 200 name and number phonebook▷ Laser-etched backlit keypad
▷ Ultra long cordless range – 0.4 miles*▷ Wall mountable
▷ Up to 25 minutes recording time▷ Inductive charging
▷ Dust and water resistant▷ screensaver in primary LCD in power save
Is the Motorola O2 your next house telephone? View its Start Guide🔍 or download the full Motorola landline phone manual here.🔍

Motorola D8712

Cordless phone with mobile sync, call blocking and 60 minutes of recording time

Available options:

  • 1 Handset (D8711)
  • 2 Handsets (D8712)
  • 4 Handsets (D8714)

(Image Source: Ebay)

As you know, each device is good for someone. And the Motorola D872 is great, especially for those looking for an elegant device with one hour of recording time. Yes, it’s a lot of messages and perfect for small business owners or individuals who are away from home for extended periods. What’s even better is the remote access feature, allowing you to listen to landline messages from your mobile device. So, no hurries! You can be out of town for more days without missing important information.

Additionally, you will have nice features such as storage capacity for 3,000 contacts. You see? I think that this phone is good for business owners with a lot of clients and providers. Also, the landline phone counts with one-touch call block button. Isn’t it nice? Any caller not in your contacts has to announce their name. Plus, you can block up to 1,000 numbers, keeping your phonebook neat. And you don’t have to worry about updating it manually. You can sync contacts between your landline and mobile via Bluetooth, so no need to enter them again. Ready to grab it? Check the price now.

▷ Block up to 1,000 numbers▷ Hands-free speakerphone
▷ Up to 60 minutes of recording time▷ Sync wireless phones together
▷ 3,000 Name and number phonebook▷ Full color display
To know more about the Motorola D8712, download its Motorola landline phone manual here 🔍

Motorola CD4011

3 handset digital answering system with smart call blocker

Available options:

  • 1 Handset
  • 2 Handsets
  • 3 Handsets
  • 4 Handsets

(Image Source: Motorola)

The Motorola CD4011 is a great landline, especially with the 1-Handset option, because for its price, you get a complete home phone with nice features such as an answering machine with up to 12 minutes of recording time, 2 pre-recorded outgoing messages ‘Answer & Record’ and ‘Answer only’, a new message indicator, private playback via handset, and blocking technology. It has a mute mode and a hands-free speakerphone. It is expandable, just in case, and comes with 10 polyphonic ringer melodies. And yeah, I love this last point. It makes me feel like I’m in my 80s.

This device is going to be my recommendation, but it finally took the second place. It has good performance, knowing that it has more than 2,000 reviews! It looks nice for home or office. I really like it and hope you do too.

▷ 50 name and number phonebook▷ Caller ID / Call waiting – 20 name and number Caller ID list
▷ Hands-free speakerphone▷ Call blocking technology – Block up to 10 numbers
▷ Large bright blue display▷ 10 redial memories
▷ Laser etched illuminated keypad▷ 10 polyphonic ringer melodies
Is the Motorola CD4011 your next house telephone? View its Quick Start Guide🔍 or download the full Motorola landline phone manual here.🔍

The best value for money

Motorola C42


Landline phone motorola c42
Image Source: Manualslib
landline motorola c42 combo

Available options:

  • 1 Handset
  • 2 handsets
  • 3 Handsets

The Motorola C4201 offers the best value for money, providing a combo corded phone and handset for an affordable price, rather than just one or two handsets. For me, this is great because I can keep the base in the main room or office and carry the handset with me while I’m focused on work. And if you wish to locate your handset, simply press a button on the base, and all handsets registered to the base will ring.

Frankly, both the corded and handset look pretty nice, without flashy styles. In fact, I think this combo looks elegant and simple, ideal for your home or office environment. Of course, this model includes features such as hands-free speakerphone, redial, intercom, and storage for 100 names and numbers (50 contacts on the base and 50 more on the handset). Additionally, each device comes with a call-block button for adding calls to your blocked-numbers list. The answering machine gives you a decent 12 minutes of recording time.

As I said, the best part is that for almost the same price as one cordless landline phone, you get a basic and elegant pack of two devices that you can expand in the future. Check the price and let me know your thoughts.

▷ Call blocking – 100 numbers▷ Call transfer between handsets
▷ 100 Name & Number Phone Book▷ Call list: 20 numbers
▷ Hands-Free Speakerphone▷ Redial: 10 numbers
▷Bright Backlit Display▷ 3 way conference call (1 external 2 internal)
To know more about the Motorola C4201, read this Quick Start Guide 🔍 and download its Motorola instruction manual here 🔍
There are folks looking for this:

White Rounded-edge Phone with Answering Machine and Advanced Call Blocking:

Motorola CT610

Motorola ct610 corded landline phone
Image Source: Motorola
motorola ct610 with features - landline home phone

I can understand why people are looking for this nice landline phone. Have you seen that screen? And all the rounded edges? Yeah, I think you could find this device inside of a space shuttle. Seriously, I love the design; it has a NASA touch that I really like.

This special space phone comes with other nice features such as a phonebook for 200 names and numbers or an answering machine that gives you 30 minutes of digital recording time. It is hearing aid compatible and has a visual ring indicator. In fact, it has 3 LED indicators: red for calls, green for hands-free calls, and red again for mute mode. (Hey, Motorola engineers, it would have been great if the green LED had been blue to make it more NASA!).

Finally, one of the best features of this model is its call blocking technology. You can easily screen and stop unwanted calls and block up to 1,000 numbers with a dedicated call block key. This feature works best with Caller ID activation through your service provider!

Want to know how to use the Motorola CT610 in detail? Check out the Quick Start Guide 🔍 or download the motorola landline phone manuals here 🔍 to learn everything about it.

Wireless Home Telephone and Answer Machine with Alexa Built-in:

Motorola AXH01

Motorola AXH01 with Alexa
Image Source: Motorola

Come on, have you seen this? Released in 2019, this device is awesome, or at least I think so. Just connect the Motorola AXH01 to your landline telephone and internet service, and install it by following the instructions using the HelloVoice mobile app.

But the best part is the integration with Alexa, which provides you with a great experience for landline use. With Alexa built-in, you can manage smart home devices, stay updated on news and weather, tackle tasks, and explore a multitude of other skills – simply by asking. And frankly, it would be great to push the dedicated Alexa button and make calls with the device by just saying “Alexa, call Dad”. Also, you can make Alexa-to-Alexa calls by saying “call Dad’s Echo” or connect Skype to Alexa by saying “Skype Mom”.

Furthermore, you can place your handset close to you and move freely at home. The device has a long range and provides a secure and interference-free phone signal thanks to DECT 6.0 technology. If you are away from home, you’ll never miss a call because you can use the HelloVoice app on your mobile device. This app allows you to check calls, receive them, or route them through your landline telephone service when you are away.

The Motorola AXH01 seems like a great option, so my question is: Why is it so difficult to find one? The device is NOT discontinued by the manufacturer, so what’s going on here, guys? The last time I checked on Amazon, it was out of stock: Check the price and its availability today!

▷ Alexa built-in
▷ Recording Time: 60 minutes with an option to personalize your outgoing message.
▷ Hands-free speakerphone
▷ Phone Standby Time: 200 hours
▷ Contacts: 3,000
▷ Talk Time: Up to 17 hours*
To know more about the Motorola AXH01 see this Quick Start Guide 🔍 and this brief user manual. 🔍

☎️FAQ – 10 Frequently Asked Questions When Buying a Motorola Home Phone:

1. Are Motorola landline phones expensive?

No, Motorola offers affordable options with competitive pricing, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

2. Do Motorola landline phones lack modern features?

Not at all. Motorola landline phones come with advanced features such as caller ID, call waiting, and speakerphone functionality

3. Are Motorola landline phones fixed to one location?

No, Motorola offers cordless landline phones, providing mobility within the household.

4. Do Motorola landline phones rely heavily on physical infrastructure?

Motorola landline phones offer reliability even during power outages with options for backup battery support, ensuring continuous connectivity.

5. Are Motorola landline phones becoming obsolete?

Motorola’s reputation for quality and reliability ensures continued relevance in the market, making them a dependable choice for communication needs.

6. Is setting up Motorola landline phones complicated?

Not at all. Motorola landline phones offer easy plug-and-play installation, eliminating the need for technical expertise.

7. Do Motorola landline phones require frequent maintenance?

Motorola landline phones are known for their durability and require minimal maintenance, ensuring hassle-free usage.

8. Is the call quality of Motorola landline phones subpar?

Motorola ensures crystal-clear sound quality for uninterrupted communication, providing an optimal calling experience

9. Do Motorola landline phones contribute to environmental waste?

Motorola emphasizes eco-friendly manufacturing practices and offers recycling programs for sustainability, reducing environmental impact.

10. Are Motorola landline phones incompatible with smart devices?

Motorola landline phones feature integration options with smart home devices, enhancing connectivity within the smart home ecosystem.